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The Content post type is a rich text document format that supports formatted text, embedded images, lists, cited quotes, and other text elements, using a block-based form structure to create and manage dynamic content that can be easily edited inline. This post type is perfect for sharing news or private information to community members.

Whereas other collectible posts like Badges and Points are claimable, Content is unlocked. When users meet the criteria to access the full content of the post, they are presented with an Unlock button. Clicking this and passing the conditions check will open the post and allow them to view the full text.

To add a block on a new line, press the "/" key to open the command menu and select the block type you would like to create, then populate it with your desired content.

With Awardable's Sources and gating features, you can control who has access to your Content posts and ensure that only the users that meet the specific conditions you set can unlock and open it.

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